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Tessa Bair, Lawyer-Mediator

Lawyer-Mediator – Tessa Bair

“Seeing my clients complete their Mediation process with goodwill, optimism and confidence in their future, is priceless.”

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An average Court battle can cost your family over $40,000.00. Rather than paying crushing Court costs and lawyers fees, you and your partner can share the cost of your neutral mediator. Each of you will receive a free intake session, at which you will identify your concerns and goals.

You will never be stressed by the prospect of unpredictable or unmanageable cost. For a flat fee, you will receive up to 5.25 hours of mediation. Most cases settle within this timeframe. If you settle your concerns in less time, then the unused portion of your retainer will be refunded to you.

When all of your issues are settled, your mediator will produce a Mediation Report, which will summarize all of your terms of settlement. This Report can be incorporated in to a binding Agreement. Your affairs will be resolved in a satisfying and straightforward manner.

Lawyer-Mediator Tessa Bair brings:

Resolution Will be the Key that Opens the Door to Your Future

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